• 02.12.2021
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Akinom | 07.12.2021
Nah, quickfoot. In theory it makes sense. In reality the parts of our brains we use to process music and the serotonin that's released interferes w the arousal process. The only sounds I wanna hear are her groans and squeals.
Nazuru | 07.12.2021
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Tutaur | 08.12.2021
People oblivious to the space they take up, in grocery stores, airports, malls anywhere, really--wherever, are at so much unknown risk of crossing the person who has had enough. When you block an entire passage area and limit all traffic to your lackadaisical pace, you are asking for whatever happens.
Mumuro | 10.12.2021
Just Jackson Pollocked a part of my wall. Awesome Vid!

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